Running man loop

An animation made with my PC mouse.

Catagory: Animation

Date of delivery: –

Products: SWF, GIF.

Used techniques: Adobe Flash CS6

As you progress in the field you’re working in. you want to grow. You want to explore new avenues for your craftmanship.
So this time i had decided to work on my “drawing skills” but not with my pen tablet. But with my mouse.
I wanted to make an animation of a running man loop, but without using my drawing tablet.
It started out by drawing all the individual frames. The template i had made looks a little something like this.

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After i made the individual frames all i needed to do was just simply put them behind each other. After i did. This is how it looked like.

So at this point you can see it’s pletty bland. A tad boring. So naturally i had to dress this character up. So i had to redraw all the indivual steps.

It still looked a bit boring. So i gave it a bit of a shadow. and added shades of grey to it.

In the end i wasn’t sattisfied with this one. So i had to redraw it again! this time i added more details and colors to the character. and this is how he turned out.